sábado, 13 de febrero de 2010

Unit 8 Hero

My daddy
Hero of the past

My hero is my dad's past, although not with me now I know wherever he is protecting me.

My dad was the best man in the world, a child I took care of everything evil, spoiled me, supported me, gave me their love, and above all advised me to always follow the path of good.

My dad was the best husband and father of the world and that wherever you are protecting me and is proud of me.

I LOVE YOU PAPI ... You are my hero.

Efraín Fines Nevarez (Tito El Bambino)

Moderm Hero

Efraín Fines Nevarez, better known as Tito "El Bambino" (born 5 October 1981) from early childhood showed artistic inclinations. With only twelve years old she recorded her first song in a compact of various artists called D'Noise. Very quickly it became the first voice of the duo Hector and Tito, and reaping successes in Latin America and the United States. In 2003 he was honored by Billboard Magazine for the prestigious Premio Lo Nuestro and Your Music. reggaeton. It has consolidated the most important squares of Puerto Rico and Latin America being cheered by crowds of youths and adults.

Tito in his spare time likes to be with family and his wife Aida Castillo Suazo with his son Ivan in addition to being with their horses "fine pitch". Participate in campaigns as a partnership for a Drug-Free Puerto Rico and Colgate toothpaste. This human love and commitment transcends geographical boundaries and who was appointed by EU entities as godfather of homeless children in Costa Rica.

Personal Hero

My personal hero is my mom, she's the best woman in the world.

She is brave, strong and great heart, my mom supports me in all my decisions, I am aware, I advised and strives to protect me and give me always the best.

My mom is unique in the world why I put all my effort to get better every day, and so she felt very proud of me.

I love you mommy.

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